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- Electric coil, electric smooth-top and induction cooktops.

- All types of residential AND commercial models.

- Restaurant equipment and more!

Whether you have a drop-in, slide-in or even a free-standing range, you can bet our Denver range repair specialists will be able to get it fixed.

Regardless of the problem, a quick and affordable solution is just one call away!

Some of the many range/stove parts we commonly swap out during repairs include:

- Baking and broiling elements

- Blower wheel and fan blades

- Circuit boards

- Fuses

- Glass doors

- Grates and griddles

- Igniters

- Motors

- Power cords

- Pumps

- Sensors

- Switches

- Thermostats

- Thermistors

- Timers

- Valves

'Should you repair or replace your defective range or stove?'

Supposing your range or stove is kept in tip-top shape, it should last you a long time.

An electric range has a life expectancy of around 13 to 20 years, while a gas range will last roughly 15 to 23 years.

As such , it would be smart to continue paying for repairs until your appliance is at least 15 years old. This is when you will want to consider the value of replacing the unit instead, depending on how much the repair alternative would cost. Most range and stovetop repairs are dirt cheap, so you should always be hesitant to replace.

'How expensive are range and stove repairs?'

If you select our Denver appliance repair service for your broken or defective range or stovetop, all that must be paid is the amount for labor and your replacement parts. The average repair costs between $50 and $100, which is not too bad.

In reality , a range or stove repair is often as expensive as you make it. So take the time to shop around and get the right repair rates. It is not just about who charges best for repairs in general; if you get lucky and it is a minor repair job, you do not want to face a higher mandatory minimum labor cost.

We literally just bill for parts and labor so you have no worries there!

'What′s wrong with your range / stovetop?'

Here are some of the common problems we deal with:

- Burner issues. If the burner is broken, it will need replaced. When it tends to overheat often, chances are the switch needs swapped out. If you are having trouble with an ignition burner, it is possible the spark electrode and more parts will need switched.

- Oven problems. If the bake and broil modes are not working properly, chances are one of the two heating elements need to be replaced. If it is a gas range, you might need a professional to come inspect and make sure gas is reaching the appliance. Again, the spark electrode might need swapped if it is a gas cooking issue.

- Door troubles. This is surprisingly a common issue, and most of the time it results from the self-clean latch getting stuck in the wrong spot. These appliances clean themselves at such high heat that many parts often get damaged -- we recommend against self cleaning!

- Getting an error code? You can look it up in the owner′s manual or online, but make sure the definition matches your model. This will often tell you exactly what is wrong with your range or stove. When getting a repair through us, make sure to specify any error codes when setting up an appointment.

Thankfully, most of these repair jobs are resolved by purchasing an inexpensive part and getting it installed by one of our professionals.

In fact, you only really have to worry if you end up needing the computer replaced or if you are getting an in-wall oven taken out for a major repair.


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Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Do you have problems with your stove door? Thankfully, that's a problem that is easy enough to handle for anyone that prefers to do things on their own. That's especially true if it's as simple as a damaged or broken door hinge. These hinges are found on both the left and right side of the stove. These may be the same specific hinge or each side could have a different part number. When buying the replacement part, it may be necessary to buy all the parts individually. However, there is usually a full kit, containing the all the necessary parts.


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